What is the Collective?

The Collective is a group of people over 50 years old who have “gas in their tanks.”  Meaning…they have energy, talent, and availability. They choose to learn more about the social fabric of the Driftless and how the science of well-being impacts it.

They will occasionally connect with one another, reflect on topical five-minute reads, and peruse three books…all leading up to food and facilitated conversation. Ultimately considering what it could mean if more kids thrive, more parents succeed and more places flourish in Crawford and Vernon counties.

What makes the Collective different?

There is something different about folks who join the collective. Volunteers, contributors? Well, yes but when we volunteer or contribute we are giving something away and it often can be done from a distance. That’s great, but women and men in the collective take time to build relationships of mutual care and work with others to make our community stronger so more people can thrive. Author David Brooks calls them Weavers.

Weavers in the Collective have these things in common…

  • They are hyper-local – building community where they live and work and mostly in-person
  • They are relational – they invest in relationship over time not as a one-off
  • They think mutually – they see the dignity in everyone and sense that all have something to offer
  • They are inclusive – they welcome everyone who wants to build a stronger community

If this sounds like you – join us

Social Science behind Connected for Good

It’s a rare person that can flourish on their own. In fact, it turns out that isolation is the enemy of well-being. Connection seems to be the lowest abstraction for well-being, but not all connections are equal. Some sources of flourishing are long-lived, cradle to grave, and a religious community for example. Others last only for a while, a season, a service club, a walking group, or flood relief neighbors, for example.  We’ve studied Harvard University’s and Templeton Foundation’s Human Flourishing Science and interpreted six local sources for well-being.

  • Family
  • School
  • Work
  • Community organizations 
  • Helping projects/affinity groups
  • Group Religious practice 

    …and five ways people want to flourish

    • Happiness and life satisfaction
    • Good mental and physical health
    • Meaning and purpose
    • Good character and values
    • Close personal relationships

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who started Connected for Good?

    New Settlers of the Driftless, John and Jamee Stanley started the project. They are inspired by the many people of good will they meet in five Southwest Wisconsin Counties and want to help the social fabric of the area. They also recently learned about David Brook’s Social Fabric Project, Weave. Which serves as a model for Connected for Good. 

    Why start with Crawford and Vernon Counties?

    Because these are the counties where John met many people he interviewed.

    Are there more target counties?

    Yes, eventually Grant, Richland, and Monroe could be added.

    Why target people over 50 years old?

    Left and right, religious and non-religious, women and men, this was the most common characteristic of the people they met. They have availability, capacity, and margin in their lives. They hold collective, latent energy. Helping to release it seems like “what wants to happen”.

    I’m under 50 can I join the Collective?

    Yes, if you are a person of good will who wants to help the social fabric of the Driftless…. jump in.

    Is Connected for Good related to a religion?

    Connected for Good is not connected to any religion. John and Jamee are active Catholic Christians.

    Where does your money come from?

    Start-up capital is provided by a Family Foundation for which John and Jamee serve on the board.

    Will I eventually be asked for money to support Connected for Good?

    Not a chance. Over time you might be invited to contribute to a charity that becomes affiliated with the various social fabric efforts. It will be your choice.