Who is getting this started?

It’s simple really. A few people of good will in the Wisconsin Driftless, led by John and Jamee Stanley, are inviting neighbors in Crawford and Vernon Counties to go on a journey to learn about our social fabric and the science of well-being. The hunch? More connections and insights will result in more engagement and clarity about what it takes to see more kids thrive, more parents succeed and more places flourish. They are extending an invitation to people of good will over 50 years old to join the Connected for Good Collective.

“Well architected platforms help people do what they already want to do.”

— Scott Beck, Founder, Gloo

Meet John and Jamee Stanley

Since 2002 they have been getting to know their rural neighborhood and became Northern Crawford County new settlers in 2018. Now deeply committed to the social fabric of the Driftless John and Jamee call on their outgoing nature, their faith, love of family and friends, and their experience building community to begin this journey to discover what it takes to help more kids thrive, more parents succeed and more places flourish. 

What to Expect

  • Occasionally receive by email, short reads about the social fabric of the Drifltess.
  • Receive free books…How to Know a Person, By Author Brooks and Third Places by Rick Kyte.
  • Receive occasional invitations to connect face to face with other Collective folks. 
  • Receive an invitation to a good meal and conversation in September or October 2024.
  • If there are good opportunities to grow the Collective by sponsoring events that are already underway, Connected for Good Fund at the SWCF can help out.  
  • And finally, along the way, without pressure, you’ll know if and when to go deeper, connect with others or do good.
  • In other words, receive, reflect, connect.

Your Results When You Join the Collective

  • More connection, less isolation 
  • More happiness, less grumbling 

Contact us today to learn more about joining the Collective

When is the right time to join the Collective?

Folks who join us on this journey have likely asked themselves, “What’s next?” If you’ve become an empty nester, gone through a health or relational crisis, and/or retired, Connected for Good Collective can help you consider “What’s next.” You can connect with people of good will just like you and when it feels right, reflect on important questions.

Questions like

  • What’s your origin story?
  • What are you for? (vs what are you against?)
  • What are you reading?
  • Where are you winning?
  • What do you believe

Encouragement from others...