A Social Fabric Project

“Communities are built one stitch at a time and everyone has needle and thread.”

— Author, David Brooks

Be a friend, have a friend, do good

Two things are clear about improving the social fabric of our Driftless Wisconsin communities. The journey to be engaged and helpful is to be done with others not for others and everyone has something to give, especially folks over 50 years old with “gas still in their tanks.”

The social fabric of our communities is fragile.

Only the most socially outgoing people are connected with others. We have fewer face to face connections with friends, and while social media can be helpful, overall, it has a corroding effect on our well-being.

What do you mean by “social fabric?”

The social fabric refers to the intricate network of social relationships, norms, values, and institutions that hold our communities and society together. It includes elements such as family structures, cultural practices, and community organizations. Think of the social fabric like a patchwork quilt with different fabrics stitched together. Each fabric represents a different aspect of our communities – families, churches, schools, businesses and groups – all interconnected and contributing to the overall structure.

What You Can Expect When You Join The Collective

  • Occasionally receive by email, five-minute reads about the social fabric of the Drifltess. 
  • Receive in your mail box two free books…How to Know a Person, By David Brooks and Third Places by Rick Kyte.
  • Receive an invitation to a good meal and conversation in September or October 2024.
  • If you see good opportunities to grow the Collective by sponsoring events that are already underway, Connected for Good Fund at the SWCF might help out.  
  • And finally, along the way, without pressure, you’ll know if and when to go deeper, connect with others or do good.
  • In other words, receive, reflect, connect.

Where Shall We Begin?

  • Start where you are.
  • Use what you have.
  • Do what you can do.

– Teddy Roosevelt


How the Collective works 

No pressure, no inbox clutter, no boring meetings…. and we’ll never ask you for a donation or insist that you volunteer. Just a playful learning journey about the social fabric of the Driftless and the science of well-being; invitations to connect with other people of goodwill and along the way, if it feels right, you might see opportunities to jump in and help others. In other words, be a friend, have a friend, do good.

Want to join the Connected for Good Collective?